I am at least a third generation free-church Protestant of the Baptist variety. I cut my theological teeth under the preaching and teaching of ultra-dispensational (a la C. I. Scofield), verse-by-verse exegete, William D. Lawrence (not the one at DTS). Interest in ecclesiology was planted by a church split during my early adult years, nurtured by my subsequent participation in a church plant, and practiced in ministry creation at an established church.

Educational Background

Currently: Student, Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Studies, 2013 if all goes well), Talbot School of Theology

Master of Theology (Systematic Theology, 2008), Talbot School of Theology

Master of Divinity (Christian Education, 2005),  Talbot School of Theology


Zondervan Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award, 2008

The Robert N. Oliver Award in Systematic Theology, 2008

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 2005


Unpublished Works

Springer, L.K. An Articulation and Evaluation of an Emerging Church Ecclesiology. Unpublished Master’s Thesis, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, 2008. [available on lulu]


Hunting for Taxonomies,” cited by Ed Stetzer in “The Emergent/Emerging Church: A Missiological Perspective”in Evangelicals Engaging Emergent: A Discussion of the Emergent Church Movement, Edited by William D. Henard and Adam W. Greenway, (p. 51, n. 56).

Contact Information

email: lkspringer AT gmail DOT com

Twitter: LauraSpringer



This blog is a rebirth of whointheworldarewe.blogspot.com


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