Idea for Dancing on the Monkey Bars: The dance is lived theology, the indivisible intermixing of theoria and poiesis that is summed up in praxis (reflective action). Theoria informs poiesis and poiesis informs theoria. In the living of it, the dancers, when honest to the true dance, increasingly become like Jesus, the Master Dancer.
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There is an inherent and essential holism in a truly Christian way of life. In this way of life thought, behavior, and affections function in mutual influence. This holistic way of life forms Christians as persons in community to be conformed to the image of the Son, for the glory of the Father, by the power of the Spirit.

Dykstra and Bass’ proposal for a systematic and theological way of thinking about Christian Practices involves theologians and practitioners in an intentional praxis that can assist the Body as it incarnates God’s gracious gift of life abundant. Their proposal aims at a way of life that is whole, connected, and transforming.

  • Intentional and public partnership between theologians and practitioners models holism before the community.
  • Such partnership may also decrease the tendency to overemphasize one aspect of life over another.

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