Thoughts on:
A biblical and historical study
by Earl D. Radmacher
Chicago: Moody Press, 1972, 1978
441 pages

In this book , Radmacher gives an intriguing metaphor for the relationship between the universal and local aspects of church: the moon. Most days in the month, we see but a portion of the moon, yet we understand it to be the moon, not some tiny bit floating around in space. The local church is like that. In the local church we see a bit of the whole, yet we understand that what we see is the church, not some random bit flying around in space…

I will be working on the final post for Radmacher as I drink iced tea and relax on the porch in Lake Arrowhead this coming week.

One of the things I will be considering is the implications of Radmacher for the ABC-USA/ABC-PSW separation: What constitutes true unity? True division?